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"Bringing the body back online allows us to feel into our authentic 'yes, no and maybe'. This is important in sex, pleasure and intimacy because we begin to learn how to use our embodied choice and voice from a settled nervous system"


This is a brief menu of what I offer. I begin new client relationships with an intake form followed by a 30 minute Zoom discovery call. Your intention guides our time together.

Offering Menu


Discovery Call

This is where we introduce each other. We discuss what goals you have in working together. We set up a time to connect in person if it feels like the right fit.


Body Poem

A revolutionary tool created by Katie Sarra meant to illuminate unknown and unspoken parts of the self from spontaneously emerging poetry honouring and trusting the self-organizing intelligence inherent in every human being. A guided technique using the language of the body.


Pleasure Mapping

Learning sexual anatomy and the anatomy of arousal through touch. 


Embodied Consent Practices

This is the first stage of getting to know our bodies in space together. We explore Somatic Assessment tools, have an understanding of your nervous system and how to access your embodied 'yes, no and maybe' all while using The Wheel of Consent by Dr. Betty Martin.


Bossy Massage/Sexological Bodywork

This is client directed touch that invites you to ask for what you want and actively receive. The touch is one directional, the practitioner is clothed and gloves are used for genital touch. 


4 Handed Session

The opportunity to work with two practitioners. A somatically based massage that cultivates erotic energy. Sessions are client directed and the touch is one way. This body work allows you the opportunity to actively receive, practice embodied consent and safe container building.

Working with Reia has been a rare and transformational experience. After years of working with traditional therapists I now understand the missing piece, I now understand being in my body
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